WiFi Offload

With the ever-growing popularity of smart phones, mobile data usage is rapidly increasing, resulting in a major 3G capacity crunch. For service providers, the demand to offer fast and reliable mobile data service while optimizing network resources grows increasingly challenging. A robust solution, mobile data offload alleviates 3G network congestion by leveraging existing technologies and infrastructures. When in range of the provider’s Wi-Fi network, a smart phone can switch automatically from 3G to Wi-Fi without interruption in service. Thus, service providers can easily alleviate 3G network congestion by offloading 3G data traffic from smart phones onto their Wi-Fi networks at hotspots.

Mobile to Wi-Fi Authentication Gateway enables service providers to shift 3G data traffic to a WiFi network, either their own or a partnering provider’s network, to reduce congestion and optimize 3G networks.

Solution Features & Highlights

  • Network Optimization is achieved by offloading bandwidth-intensive data traffic onto lower cost, available Wi-Fi networks wherever possible. By alleviating smart phone network congestion, mobile operators can better allocate 3G network resources
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction by offering high-speed Wi-Fi connection automatically at popular hotspot locations without intervention or interruption of service. Because the solution utilizes existing common technology in mobile devices, customers need not upgrade devices
  • Centralized Management of Wi-Fi Access Points is powered by OMA DM Server and allows all hotspot access points to be managed remotely from one location, including over-the-air provisioning and updates. Remote management of hotspot devices avoids manual, on-site implementation and updating of access points
  • Secure, Seamless Authentication can be achieved for all device types. When in range of a recognized hotspot, EAP-enabled devices are securely offloaded via EAP-SIM or EAP-AKA authentication methods. The problem of authenticating non-EAP devices is solved by developed mobile applications that work in the device background to facilitate a secure and transparent WiFi offload by utilizing EAP-TLS or WISPr authentication.