WiFi Hotspot Infrastructure

Offers a robust WiFi Hotspot Manager that enables providers to generate revenue and increase customer satisfaction while optimizing network resources. WLAN system has been in production since 2004 with deployments in over 60 countries, ranging from the world’s busiest airports, hotel chains, and entire cities (including one of the world’s first municipal WiFi deployments). A carrier-grade solution, WiFi Hotspot Manager boasts feature-richness, reliability, and endless scalability.

Mobile operators can optimize their mobile networks with WiFi Offload solution.

Solution Features & Highlights

  • WiFi Hotspot Portal handles all types of customer needs, including web registration for new users and Web Self Care to manage existing accounts. The portal also allows casual access users to purchase one-time WiFi services without creating a dedicated account
  • Centralized Management of Access Points is powered by OMA DM Server and allows all hotspot routers to be managed remotely from one location, including over-the-air provisioning and updates. Remote management of hotspot devices avoids manual, on-site implementation and updating of access points
  • Integration with Back Office System allows subscribers to easily access and purchase WiFi services using their primary accounts. Integration with the voucher management system allows subscribers to use the same voucher to purchase all services, including WiFi
  • Device Pairing allows mobile subscribers to attach WiFi services to a mobile account and receive confirmation or password by SMS. Additionally, mobile subscribers may use their mobile account balances to top up or purchase WiFi services, giving subscribers the utmost flexibility and access to diversified services
  • WiFi Offload optimizes mobile networks by automatically switching smart device subscribers from the operator’s 3G network to its or its partner’s WiFi network whenever the devices comes within range of the WiFi hotspot. Learn more about Wi-Fi Offload solutions
  • Subscription-Based WiFi services can include setup fees, taxes, usages fees, bonuses and recurring charges
  • Partner & Affiliate Management makes it easy to grow your WiFi Hotspot network. fully customizable WiFi Hotspot Portal supports affiliate and partner branding. Location commissioning, roaming and settlements are included for an efficient and accurate revenue sharing system with partners and aggregators such as iPass, Gric and Boingo
  • High-Level Security is achieved through compliance with Visa and MC PCI requirements, SSL encryption, minimum password strengths, comprehensive fraud prevention features, and an audit trail of administrative, CSR, and automated operations
  • Optional Integration to Hotel PMS system (Fidelio)
  • Optional 802.1X / WPA security