Service Enabler (BSS / OSS)

Deliver, monetize and manage the latest IP data services with Service Enabler, signature BSS / OSS software framework for service providers.

Service Enabler is a complete, carrier-grade BSS / OSS software framework that enables the delivery, monetization, and management of the latest IP data services. With SE, service providers can bring new services to market sooner and secure the position as an innovative and profitable market leader.

 Revenue Management

In today’s evolving telecommunications landscape, the old rules of billing give way to new challenges, emerging market trends and customer demands. To navigate this volatile landscape and emerge a profitable, sustainable market leader, service providers require a comprehensive, real-time revenue management solution that can rapidly deliver services that are profitable and resonate strongly with customers, mitigate the risk of revenue loss proactively, and respond instantly to market changes.

Service Enabler’s real-time revenue management tools meet today’s revenue challenges with dynamic and proactive force, making it possible to:

  • Employ a single convergent charging & billing infrastructure
  • Create truly differentiated service offerings that resonate strongly with customers
  • Drive up revenues and customer loyalty with personalized services
  • Deliver new, innovative products and offers to market faster
  • Reduce OPEX and total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Protect investment in a scalable, carrier-grade platform with proven success

Learn more about  Service Enabler’s revenue management modules:

Convergent Charging & Billing

The Convergent Charging & Billing Platform by  encompasses real-time (online) and batch (offline) rating, charging, and billing, as well as balance management, mediation, and more. The robust platform makes it possible to merge all next generation services and access technologies onto a single, carrier-grade platform, and serves as a 3GPP Online Charging System (OCS).

 Payment Management

Service Enabler offers complete versatility in area of payment management so that service providers can implement the payment methods that are the most convenient and familiar for their customers. A positive customer payment experience ensures maximum revenue capture and can ease the burden on your collections department. It also lends itself to higher ARPU by eliminating barriers or frustrations, making it simple and highly accessible for customers to make additional purchases.

works with each client individually to build the best payment management solution for each unique business.  also has extensive experience in integration with payment gateways and financial institutions.

Convenient, Simple Payment Sources

  • Subscriber Portal
  • Customer Care
  • Retail / Point of Sale (PoS)
  • Kiosk
  • Automatic Billing
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Universal Payment Methods

  • Credit Cards
  • Cash or Cheque
  • Vouchers, See Voucher Management
  • Mobile Account Balance Transfer
  • Mobile Money

Integration with Payment Gateways & Banks

Integration with payment gateways and banks ensures immediate credit card approval, charging or bank draft, allowing customers to purchase services online or over the phone and begin using them without delay. To realize this,  employs open APIs, so that integration with local payment gateways can be done by , the service provider or a third party. In addition,  adheres to major credit card companies’ PCI requirements to protect customers’ credit card details and ensure service providers’ compliance to these regulations.

Enabling customers to use credit cards to purchase services increases customer satisfaction by offering the ease of online bill pay and sign-up and reduces management cost by allowing customers to make payments themselves, which are automatically cleared and processed, increasing customer satisfaction and decreasing churn.

 Revenue Assurance

Service Enabler utilizes a holistic approach to revenue assurance that encompasses all systems, processes and data across the platform. It includes a combination of proactive, automated and reactive measures to stop revenue leakage on all fronts, through prevention, immediate identification and isolation of the issue, and correction and reporting.

Common causes of revenue leakage in today’s complex network environments include identity fraud, rating errors, incorrect or incomplete CDRs, misconfigured external integration points and human error. These problems can occur systematically or sporadically. Revenue Assurance module mitigates these problems through Fraud & Abuse Prevention, CDR Error Correction, and real-time Error Reporting & Notification.

Customer Management

In the modern telecommunications marketplace, efficient, automated, and self-directed customer service has increasingly become integral to a service provider’s success. In order to distinguish their services and increase customer loyalty, providers are realizing how critical streamlined customer management has become. Even the most robust systems can find themselves failing to meet these needs, as customer information remains isolated in various legacy systems, or inelegant interfaces make information difficult to find for both customer service agents and the customers themselves.

Intuitive and comprehensive customer management is at the core of Service Enabler, enabling service providers to:

  • Access all customer information from a single, intuitive portal
  • Easily accommodate any customer type, including hierarchical accounts
  • Empower customers to purchase, activate, and manage services and accounts online
  • Reduce OpEx and improve efficiency through extensive automation and auto-provisioning
  • Efficiently target key demographics through advanced customer searches and filters
  • Provide customer history to employees and customers via easy-to-read logs, reducing strain on resources
  • Decrease human error by offering fine-grained role-based access to customer information, meaning that each employee can only access and edit relevant customer information

Learn more about  Service Enabler’s customer management modules:

Customer Care

Ease-of-use is key to customer care module. An intuitive 360 degree interface provides comprehensive customer information, providing support and information for nuanced and targeted products with ease. Communication to system users is automated and extremely customizable, allowing pop-up messages containing employee notices or newly available customer offers. Account history is available to customer care agents in plain language, allowing customer service associates to clearly zero in on disputed or unclear account activity with customers, to whom the same information will be easily accessible and readable.

Web Self Care (WSC)

The same ease-of-use in the provider’s interface is mirrored in ’s Web Self-Care module. Customers are also armed with an intuitive interface that presents all of their information and available actions via one streamlined navigation bar. Not only does this ease-of-use decrease customer frustration, but it also ensures reduced drop-off during shopping, as check out occurs in easily navigable pop-up windows. Customer communication is performed via automated notifications which may be configured that will alert customers via email, SMS, or pop-up when (for example) a certain balance is reached, or credit cards are due to expire.

Self-Care Apps

solution also boasts web self-care apps, for mobile users on the go. Featuring a graphic-heavy and intuitive interface,  mobile apps ensure increased customer satisfaction for an increasingly mobile customer base.

Customers can pay and view bills, update personal information, view usage, and even change plans via a few clicks on their mobile device.

Web Self Registration (WSR)

The best way to ensure customer up and cross-sell is to make purchase as seamless as possible. Customer Management module offers unparalleled new service automation. Customers can purchase new services via accessing the online interface, following through with a no-fuss check out system, then having the services be activated immediately. Alternatively, new customers can purchases services via, for example, a 4G dongle, and immediately upon plugging in the product, find themselves hotlined to a registration interface that signs them up and provisions services automatically.

Customer Issue Management

A streamlined customer issue management system is key to ensuring customer satisfaction. A robust support system is one that has streamlined and efficient workflow processes that correctly and automatically prioritize, assign, and track trouble ticket status. With ’s customer issue management, providers are assured of this and more with a customizable and nuanced ticket submission form, available via self-care or to agents for in-store or remote input, as well as automated issue updates available to customers via email or web self-care interface.

Service & Resource Management

Comprehensive management of all product and plan offerings within an OSS/BSS system is the foundation of a streamlined network. For both prepaid and postpaid plans, it is pivotal that providers be able to offer fine-grained service plans across all services offered, with fully automated life cycle management and device provisioning and tracking. By offering a robust and self-managed system, Service Enabler enables service providers to:

  •  Manage the full life cycle of products, vouchers, and inventory
  • Quickly seize market opportunities with easy to configure and quick-to-market products
  • Maximize average revenue per user (ARPU) with fine-grained ratings plans for postpaid and prepaid products, across multiple services
  • Retain revenue by automated management of product, promotion, and inventory activation and expiration
  • Automatically categorize and provision inventory and phone numbers, allowing for immediate product purchase and use

Learn more about  Service Enabler’s service and resource management modules:

Product Catalog

Product Catalog Management is built to give service providers the tools and flexibility needed to fully respond to customer needs in a changing marketplace. The entire life cycle of a product, from configuration, to activation and expiration, is built to be automated and easy to configure. A truly responsive system allows service providers to react to changing trends, and quickly configure new products to seize emerging markets. That’s why ’s Product Catalog Management System is built to allow products to be configured and brought to the market immediately, via a simple point-and-click interface that requires no back-end configuration. Not only are such products quick to market, but they can also be incredibly nuanced. Products may be defined by any combination of metrics: volume, value, time, as well as quality of service. Additionally,  can easily bundle multiple services into into one product, allowing for multiplay bundles, available as both initial offerings and custom add-ons.

In order to ensure customer satisfaction and retention, intelligent promotions and discounts may also be configured. In order to increase market share with a certain service or demographic, providers can target key customers with promotional discounts based on any aspect of their profile, or offer discounts to loyal customers for new services.

And when products or contracts expire, or promotions end, system automatically handles the end of a product’s lifestyle as well. According to the product’s configuration, services can auto-renew, or customers can be switched to new products. And all of this can be done according to customizable and flexible timetables, ensuring a provider’s ability to respond intelligently to emerging trends while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Voucher Management

The same fine-grained configuration used for subscribers is also present in the voucher management module. Vouchers may be valid for any length of time, volume, value, or any combination thereof. For example, a voucher may be valid for 2GB of mobile data usage for a maximum of one week.

Full life cycle management is crucial in a voucher management system, to ensure minimal loss due to fraud and maximum revenue per batch. system ensures safe distribution, making vouchers unactivated and unusable until their safe arrival at a reseller, and batches that are suspected to have been compromised may be manually recalled. Additionally, distribution is further eased by automated configuration of reseller commissions, ensuring comprehensive revenue tracking and retention.

Inventory Management

A fully-featured inventory management system is key to the creation of a streamlined and automated network. Inventory Management module assures that all unique inventory items are effectively categorized and provisioned. Inventory ranging from device or CPE Numbers, SIM Cards, and Static IP Addresses are all easily managed in system. Tying items to customer accounts, and categorizing products as active, blacklisted, quarantined, not working, or inactive allows for inventory to be automatically provisioned or blocked.

 Number Management

For mobile and VoIP providers, the  SE Inventory Repository is a must have to effectively provision and manage customer phone numbers, whether they are MSISDNs, IMSIs, ATAs or DIDs. With it, providers can allow customers to choose their own phone numbers, purchase multiple phone numbers or select vanity and easy-to-remember (ETR) numbers at a premium price. The ability to easily import and organize phone numbers into inventory types affords the flexibility to manage and charge different prices based on number prefixes or area codes.

Business & Service Assurance

System monitoring and configuration need not be burdensome. With comprehensive solution, system information is available in real time, giving providers the tools necessary to respond to changing market trends and system issues as soon as they appear. system enables service providers to:

  • Access holistic system information from an intuitive, customizable web interface
  • Monitor, maintain, and configure the system in real-time, from anywhere in the world
  • Generate customizable, graphic-rich reports with real-time data

Learn more about  Service Enabler’s assurance modules:

System Management

system management module is built to allow providers remote, global access to system-wide monitoring, maintenance, and configuration, giving system administrators a holistic picture of all aspects of the system from anywhere in the world. With real-time and plain language logs of all of the system activity, system monitoring and troubleshooting is rendered transparent and simple. Boasting a centralized location for management of all  network nodes, through simple point-and-click configuration, entire system may be configured immediately, from anywhere in the world.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

In order to effectively manage telecommunications systems in a volatile marketplace, providers need to have of-the-minute information of their system and subscribers at their fingertips. Real Time Reporting module is designed to give comprehensive and easily readable reports that allow service providers to immediately evaluate the effectiveness of business plans, identify peak users and times, and voucher status.

In order to optimize effectiveness of reports,  offers rich graphical reports out of the box, as well as an optional development plug-in in order to design custom reports using familiar Web 2.0 styles and design wizards.