Radius Billing Software

WLAN Billing and RADIUS

RBS Hotspot is an all-in-one centralized Billing, Prepaid, and Subscription server that serves multiple Hotspots using the RADIUS protocol.

RBS Hotspot allows you to sell one-time access for causal users , sign up subscribers to your Public Wireless LAN service, produce and use prepaid vouchers, give commissions to affiliates, allow roaming to and from your locations and charge roaming partners.

Control and management is done securely, through a web browser pointed at the centralized server.—Alepo RBS Hotspot.

RBS Hotspot works with all leading access controllers\subscriber gateways products, and all leading Hotspot-in-a-box access points with inbuilt controller functionality. The controller\gateway is in charge for redirecting the user browser, accepting logins, and managing the user session , while RBS Hotspot is doing all the rest.

VoIP Billing and Calling Card System

RBS VOIP is in all-in-one RADIUS, Billing & CRM Server for telephony providers, who use Cisco or Quintum platforms to deliver voice services.

A Cisco access server and RBS VOIP is all you need to start a fully fledged telephony service, like a low-cost international calling card system.

RBS VOIP supports Caller-ID (ANI) based billing, with both prepaid and postpaid billing models, and complete prepaid calling card and account\PIN system with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) integration.

RBS VOIP can also be used by wholesale providers who terminate VOIP calls for other providers.

RBS VOIP is built on the reliable RBS platform that since its introduction in 1997, has defined the ISP Billing and RADIUS market.

Targeted at non-techies — RBS VOIP, has all Cisco call-flow issues taken care of and pre-built to it, it is installed and configured in less then 30 minutes, and offers 100% web based interface, enabling it to be hosted in outsourced data centers.

Finally, RBS VOIP can be used to provision and bill also Dialup, Broadband, and Wireless LAN Internet services enabling you to offer a complete set of communication services for your customers

SP Billing,RADIUS and CRM

From its introduction in 1997, RBS ISP has defined the ISP Billing and RADIUS market.
Winning numerous awards and selling in over 50 countries, RBS has maintained its leading edge through a unique philosophy. This philosophy proposes that even a startup ISP deserve the features normally attainable by only the largest ISPs and that even large ISPs benefit from an out-of-the-box solution that can be set up in minutes.

The result is a product that can be found in diverse environments that range from small ISPs to large broadband providers servicing over 50% of their country’s users.

Maintaining its tradition, RBS ISP Billing today offers advanced prepaid features, complete customer self care, real time credit enforcement, online statistics and analysis tools, credit card clearing and support for xDSL, cable and wireless services through tried and proven RADIUS capabilities.

These features, and more, are in a single integrated product and are completely workable, out of the box.