Diameter Signaling Control (DSC)

The growing complexity of today’s EPC and IMS network environments demands greater harmonization within and across networks in order to realize emerging business opportunities, including roaming and interconnect scenarios, and to ensure high network performance, security and scalability.

Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC) is an intelligent signaling framework that works to streamline and secure all Diameter signaling communication within and across Evolved Packet Core (EPC) networks. The Diameter Signaling Controller serves two main functions, either as a network border element to facilitate roaming and interconnect scenarios between EPCs, or as a Diameter Routing Agent within the Evolved Packet Core (EPC) to streamline communication between network nodes and enhance network performance.

A proven, carrier-grade solution, the Diameter Signaling Controller facilitates greater interoperability between multi-vendor elements and endpoints, enabling carrier EPC interconnect, including LTE roaming scenarios. Within the Evolved Packet Core network, it promotes network performance, growth and scalability by reducing the provisioning and maintenance costs of new and updated nodes.

Standards Compliance & Deployment Options

  • Built on 3GPP, GSMA, IETF Standards Specifications
  • Implements standard Gx, Rx, S9, and S6a Reference Points
  • Acts as an IETF Diameter Agent, 3GPP DRA, or GSMA Diameter Edge Agent (DEA)
  • Deployed as standalone or as part of complete Evolved Packet Core (EPC)

Diameter Signaling Controller as a Diameter Routing Agent (DRA)

  • Serves as a centralized point for all Diameter-based signaling
  • Streamlines and routes all Diameter messages within core network
  • Facilitates scalability, faster deployment time for new network nodes
  • Handles load balancing, proxy, relay and redirect agent functions
  • Provides seamless interworking between STCP and TCP transport layer protocols
  • Performs value-based pre-processing of messages
  • Supports geographic redundancy
  • Simplifies maintenance as a single point for Diameter signaling monitoring, protocol analysis and validation

Diameter Signaling Controller as a Diameter Edge Agent (DEA)

  • Functions as single point of entry for visited networks
  • Ensures security via network topology hiding, denial-of-service protection
  • Manages complex peering agreements and monitoring functions
  • Verifies and filters out restricted or unknown Diameter AVPs
  • Eliminates burden on other network endpoints to handle traffic and load
  • Implements S9 (PCRF) and S6a (HSS) interfaces towards V-PLMN
  • Ensures consistent addressing for external partners when topology changes are made within the internal network
  • Offers field-tested, proven interoperability, including VoLTE roaming, with other leading players