Data Charging Innovation

As data usage continues to rise in both fixed and mobile environments, and use-heavy services such as video streaming and chat threaten to overburden stretched networks, it’s important that service providers find intelligent and market-leading ways to capitalize on enhanced data usage.Policy-driven data charging innovations present opportunities to monetize this usage by optimizing ARPU.

Some sample ways in which system offers market-leading data charging services:

  • Quality of Service (QoS) based data plans allow service providers to cater plans more precisely to data-hungry customers, increasing customer satisfaction and ARPU
  • Data Pass allows providers to capture casual user revenue by offering a single, one-time purchase of volume over time, catering to travelers or new customers
  • Turbo button allows customers to purchase increased bandwidth during periods of high usage, monetizing over-use and increasing ARPU
  • Smart caps allow users who’ve reached their monthly allotment to be downgraded to a lower bandwidth as well as accruing additional costs
  • Application-based charging, allowing providers to monetize OTT (over-the-top) usage
  • Intuitive, comprehensive mobile-ready customer self-care that allows real time policy-based purchases