Convergent Charging & Billing

Convergent Charging & Billing Platform is an end-to-end revenue management solution that encompasses real-time (online) and batch (offline) rating, charging, and billing, as well as balance management, mediation, and more. The robust system is able to merge all next generation services and access technologies onto a single, carrier-grade platform. It offers the utmost flexibility in designing innovative business plans that attract customers and propel revenue and market share.

With multiple, flexible deployment modes, Convergent Charging & Billing platform can be launched as part of a complete, pre-integrated solution, or as an adjunct system that integrates smoothly with legacy or third-party charging, billing, or CRM systems. Across all deployments, ensures a cost-effective solution that reduces waste and redundancy, and functions fully in a multi-vendor environment.

The SE Convergent Charging & Billing platform is built in compliance with leading industry standards, including 3GPP, 3GPP2, and WiMAX Forum. It serves fully as a 3GPP Online Charging System (OCS) and 3GPP Offline Charging System (OFCS), implementing standard Gy and Gz interfaces towards policy elements. With a built-in dual RADIUS / Diameter stack, the platform also performs highly as a Prepaid Server (PPS) towards RADIUS-based network elements.

True Network Convergence

SE’s Convergent Charging & Billing platform dismantles the barriers of siloed charging systems and billing systems, allowing service providers to realize truly innovative, differentiated business plans and to bring innovation to market rapidly, all from a single, scalable solution. The open platform lends itself to a convergent network environment on multiple levels, including multi-play services, fixed mobile convergence, prepaid postpaid convergence, policy and charging integration, and more.

Real-Time Rating Engine

SE’s Convergent Charging & Billing platform utilizes a robust, built-in rating engine that can rate according to any aspect of a call or session as well as external parameters, giving service providers the freedom to create truly differentiated business plans that resonate strongly with customers and optimize revenues.

SE Sample Rating Parameters

  • Volume
  • Session Time
  • Accumulated Usage
  • Quality of Service
  • Bandwidth Speed
  • Content
  • Application Type
  • Device Type
  • Subscriber Profile
  • User Hierarchy
  • Day of Week
  • Content Category
  • URL/Domain
  • Service
  • Location
  • Time of Day
  • On- / Off-Peak Hours

Flexible Account Balance Management

No matter the subscription type, network, device or service, SE affords the utmost flexibility in handling customer account balances. All customer balances can be held in the SE Convergent Charging & Billing Platform’s common internal balance manager or can be sent to an external balance manager via integration. As a principle balance manager, SE offers advanced features like real-time balance trigger events, automatic customer balance alerts, and more.

Even if the platform is not the native rating or charging authority for a service (such as IN-based voice or SMS), it can be integrated with external charging systems and balance managers in order to converge all services onto one account or balance. Convergent and adaptable balance management lays the foundation for converging services, enhancing the customer experience and offering the most flexible and convenient payment methods.

Simple and Automated Invoicing

SE makes invoicing a feature-rich and automated process, reducing operational costs and human error without sacrificing flexibility. Features include:

  • Flexible Billing Cycles can run daily, weekly, monthly, etc., and include any number of operator-defined recurring costs, setup and late fees, taxes, discounts and more
  • Group & Hierarchical Billing makes it possible to issue one invoice for all group members’ usage, as in corporate and family plans
  • Automated CDR Mediation ensures that all calls and sessions are recorded, normalized, and billed accurately and efficiently
  • Maximum Debt Limits enable automatic alerts or invoicing when defined limit is reached
  • Auto-Invoicing and Electronic Bill Presentation & Payment (EBPP) include custom templates for print, web view, and e-mail

Accurate Accounts Receivables Management

Understands that the billing process doesn’t end at invoicing, neither do SE’s capabilities. For simple and accurate financial journalization, Service Enabler enables efficient aging and dunning, dispute management, and revenue reporting. In addition, offers out-of-the-box integration and synchronization with external general ledger systems.

To discover all of SE’s charging and billing capabilities, schedule a live demo or request a copy of the SE 8.1 Product Guide.