Carrier WiFi Hotspots

Discover new revenue opportunities in carrier-grade WiFi hotspots.

With the demand for mobile data on the rise, the addition of WiFi hotspot services to an internet service provider’s or wireless carrier’s overall data strategy can unlock new revenue opportunities, attract new customer segments, and drive up business value.

Full suite of products and solutions to realize an end-to-end Carrier WiFi Hotspot business model efficiently and successfully, with the flexibility to meet any carrier’s needs and ambitions. Robust WiFi hotspot solutions have been in deployment for leading service providers worldwide for nearly a decade.

Carrier WiFi Hotspot Solutions feature:

Access and Service Control

Whether those using WiFi hotspots are existing subscribers, new customers, or one-time users, gain control of how users access and consume your services.

Real-Time Policy and Charging Control

Meet customers’ real-time expectations and ensure zero leakage of revenue. Redirect users to a captive portal immediately upon zero balance, and grant instant access upon purchase or refill.

Partner and Reseller Management

Intelligently leverage partners and resellers to grow your WiFi hotspot footprint rapidly and cost-efficiently.

Business Management Tools

Manage your WiFi hotspot network fully and efficiently with voucher management, location-based business intelligence and revenue reporting, and more, all from a centralized administrative portal.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Business Models

There is more than one way to monetize WiFi hotspot services. The resources and industry expertise to fully realize the business and network requirements for these models and more.

Wi-Fi + Mobile Data Bundles

Enable your mobile subscribers to purchase WiFi services alongside their existing mobile accounts, either as a monthly bolt-on or per-use via SMS.

WiFi + Fixed Data Bundles

Take multi-play to a new dimension by bundling WiFi hotspot services with wireline services. At home or on the go, your customers can enjoy access to high-speed data services with a single account.

Stand-Alone WiFi Hotspot Network

Launch an expansive WiFi hotspot network independently or parallel to your existing business to attract new customers and gain market share.

International WiFi Roaming

Let your customers roam around the world with ease on partners’ WiFi hotspot networks – they’ll thank you for it! Has the solutions and proven, real-world experience to enable international WiFi roaming and ensure revenue agreements.

WiFi Micro Business Model

Leverage partnerships with WiFi hotspot location owners such as small businesses, municipalities, and universities to rapidly grow your WiFi hotspot footprint. Solutions include intelligent revenue-sharing capabilities and multi-tenant WiFi hotspot management tools to create mutually beneficial business models for carriers and their partners.