AAA Transformation

Gain network control and performance to accelerate your business growth.

In DSL and other wireline internet service provider networks, AAA infrastructure serves as an important service and policy control framework, enabling internet service providers to control how their subscribers access and consume IP data services.

Today’s rapid growth in subscriber numbers and overall data usage has placed new demands on the AAA infrastructure, not only in terms of network capacity and performance, but also in the creation and delivery of innovative, differentiated services that heighten the customer experience. This often exposes limitations and inflexibility in legacy AAA systems that can no longer be solved with short-term workarounds or homegrown patches.

End-to-end business processes and to achieve cost-saving network optimizations. With high-performance AAA and policy framework and expert professional services, like system integration and data migration, can deliver a market-leading solution that is cost-efficient and rapidly deploy-able without disturbing existing services or the customer experience.

Solution Features & Highlights

  • Gain network control and carrier-grade performance
  • Reduce signaling “noise” to boost network capacity
  • Increase speed and efficiency of provisioning APIs
  • Easily implement new business rules without sacrificing performance
  • Bring new, innovative products and services to market faster
  • Gain endless scalability to support subscriber growth
  • Optimize integration across network and IT systems
  • Create a more flexible, convergent network environment
  • Minimize OPEX and overall total cost of ownership (TCO)