Extent is a software framework used by leading technology companies to drive digital transformation

Extent’s thoughtfully designed software framework enables companies to evolve with the digital era by employing modern principles such as loosely-coupled applications, RESTful APIs, network function virtualization, mobile first design, machine-learning and human assisted AI.

PCRF - Policy and Charging Rules Function


Policy & Charging Rules Function (PCRF) is a high-performance and feature-rich policy control engine for Diameter-based evolved packet core (EPC) networks.

WiFi Offload

A robust solution, WiFi offload alleviates 3G network congestion by leveraging existing technologies and infrastructures.

WiFi Captive Portal

WiFi Captive portal requires when users accept an acceptable use policy before using public internet Wifi.

OSS BSS - Service Enabler

Deliver, monetize and manage the latest IP data services with Service Enabler, BSS OSS software framework for service providers.